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  Megan Morningstar

     I practice from a psychodynamic, humanistic and person centered point of view, often employing modalities from cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and most importantly meaning based therapy. I do this by incorporating a neuropsychotherapeutic lens. Focusing on client values is crucial because it promotes healthy lived experiences, relationships and also prompts us through our journey. Our values not only protect us, but guide us through our life.    I specialize in trauma and interpersonal conflict.  As humans, we can't always agree, but we can learn new skills that help us better respect one another and learn to accept others perspectives as valid. Trauma is different for each individual, it can be a single event or a combination of occurrences, being very complex. Emotion management is a big component when working through traumatic experiences and I bring compassion and individualized treatment for each individuals experience.
     I practice with this quote in mind, "Be grateful for the good days, graceful for the bad days and thankful for all the other days in-between".


Hello, my name is Ginny...

I also go by the nick name "BinBin"

I am here to support your emotional journey and provide you with unconditional support and comfort during your psychotherapy sessions. 

You can talk to me, pet me and nuzzle me, I really like people and I work hard to bring my best self to your sessions. 

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